Ecosense: Rag Silk

ecosense™ design collection is the new eco translucent resin panel from Sinktal Chemical Industries..

ecosense™ uses an eco-friendly fully recyclable resin to encapsulate, organic and sinthetic elements. These elements perform in a variety of architectural and design applications as partition walls, doors, furniture, light elements, POS (displays, shelf partitions),shop fitting systems, signs, advertising and others.

Sinktal ecosense™ innovative process of fabrication adds an hardened coating that improves resistance to scratching and easy maintenance.


Sinktal ecosense™ resin offers improved fire rating and higher impact strenght to perform under high-traffic applications (ex. shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, airports...).

By measuring and managing our carbon footprints with integrity, we are helping protect our planet for future generations.

Make true green projects with new ecosense™ Earth line.

Eco-resins are a group of polymer resins that all have one thing in common. They are all based on plant or vegetable extracts. This amazing and sustainable technology is the future of all our casting and mould-making needs.

  • No smell.
  • No dangerous catalyst.
  • No toxic vapours.
  • Safe in any environment.

Thickness 4 / 6 / 8 / 12 / 16 /20 mm.
Panel Size:

  • 1220 x 2440 mm.
  • 1220 x 3050 mm.


Make true green projects with new ecosense™ Earth line.


Our range of ecological sustainable inserts give designers real solutions to earth sensible creations.
Only possible with new technology from Sinktal Chemical Industries.  “Always helping design a better future”.